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How to Use Offline eBIRForms Package for Filing Tax Return

Hello readers! It’s been a while. I know you guys have been waiting for this post as I promised from my last post about taxes. However, I’ve been too busy doing stuffs for my clients and travelling

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File and Pay Taxes Online Using Taxumo

For freelancers working online, we want everything to be done online as well like paying bills. True enough, it is very convenient. Now that I have registered to BIR and ready to file and pay

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Taxes for Filipino Freelancers (and How to Compute Them)

This is an old computation of taxes before the TRAIN law. I will post an updated computation of taxes next time. Before we dive in to the computation of taxes, I'd like to thank my fellow freelancers

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Online Filipino Freelancers BIR Registration Guide

Congratulations! If you are here, it means that you are "somehow" interested about paying taxes or curious about the procedure you have to take in order to register at the BIR. But, first things first."How

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