File and Pay Taxes Online Using Taxumo

Pay and File Taxes Online Using Taxumo

For freelancers working online, we want everything to be done online as well like paying bills. True enough, it is very convenient. Now that I have registered to BIR and ready to file and pay my own taxes, I don't want to spend time going out and lining up on banks. So I searched for ways to pay taxes online and I've found the eFPS (Electronic Filing and Payment System). I wrote a Letter of Intent to use eFPS but I ended up rejected by the BIR. Why? Because they only allow selected persons and entities to use eFPS such as top 20,000 private corporations and top 5,000 individual taxpayers among others. It just shows that our government is so bias and they don't really care about ordinary people. It's a good thing that I came across Taxumo in Facebook. I read the terms, I signed up and I tried using Taxumo to pay for my taxes.

Pay Taxes Online Using Taxumo

Taxumo is very user-friendly. You can do the bookkeeping in the system wherein you can input your income and expenses and Taxumo will automatically compute your taxes. Awesome, right? There's no need to hire an accountant because Taxumo will take care of everything for you. 

Taxumo Income

On the dashboard, you can see the red color which indicates as a reminder that you have to pay your taxes before the due date. I also loved how they send email notification to remind users so you won't have penalties for late payment. When you're ready to pay, just click the red line of whichever tax you're filing.

Taxumo Dashboard

You will then be directed to the page which contains your personal information. Make sure that everything is correct from the time you have signed up so that you will not experience any problem. Once you have confirmed the information, Taxumo will automatically fill-up the necessary form for tax filing. So yes, goodbye to those old school process of manual writing! 

Taxumo Information Confirmation

On top of your tax, you need to pay a very minimal processing fee which is computed at 4.4% plus PhP 15. I don't know about other people but for me, I don't mind paying the processing fee because Taxumo will do all the leg work. Instead of lining up on the bank myself, I'd rather spend my time working and become more productive. As for the payment method, you can pay using Debit or Credit Card and Paypal.

Taxumo Pay Tax

After paying on the Taxumo's platform, all you have to do is to just sit back and relax. Taxumo will take care of the rest. After the due date, Taxumo will email you back the stamped form. 

Using Taxumo is very convenient particularly for a digital nomad like me. I always travel with my family so I also work anywhere. I don't have time to do the filing of taxes myself especially when I am far away from my RDO. Just so you know, you can only pay your taxes in the banks within the jurisdiction of your RDO. Like now, I'm having a 1-month vacation in Baguio but my RDO is in Biñan, Laguna. I couldn't go there and the deadline is fast approaching. But hey, I don't have to worry because Taxumo is there to save me. 

I really recommend Taxumo for freelancers like me, also good for business owners and accountants. Although it has some bugs because it's still on their beta testing, they are very responsive to solve the issues. 

UPDATE: (06/28/2017)

I received an email from Taxumo informing that starting July 2017, they are launching two accessible subscription plans you can choose from, depending on your needs:

Taxumo Subscription Plans

These figures are far beyond my expectation. Honestly, I'm quite disappointed. Don't get me wrong. I really love using Taxumo. It's just that, I didn't expect the subscription fee to be that expensive. Well I guess, it's about time to part ways with Taxumo. For big businesses, this amount is probably okay with them since they can maximize the use of Taxumo. But for freelancers like me, it's no longer wise to use. If only they can offer separate subscription plans for freelancers, that would be awesome. And if that happens, of course I'll continue using Taxumo.

UPDATE: (08/03/2017)

Okay, contrary to what I've said on my previous update on this post, I end up paying the basic subscription plan on Taxumo. In fact, I am ready to do it myself as I've used the eBIRForms and have the forms printed. However, the deadline of paying quarterly income tax return is coming near and I still can't find time to go out (or maybe I'm just too lazy to go out) to pay my tax returns. I also have a lot of trips lined up so filing tax returns on my own is a big hassle.

Come to think of it, the basic subscription is PhP 4,495 per year - that's just PhP 374.58 per month. I realized that it's not really that expensive considering that it will save me time and effort. So yeah, I still recommend Taxumo! 

UPDATE: (08/27/2017)

I received an email today stating that: 

"Taxumo is now working with Dragonpay to give you more options for stress-free tax payments and subscription plan upgrades. Aside from online payments through the Dragonpay platform, you can now pay your subscription plans and tax dues computed and filed via Taxumo at any Bayad Center, LBC branch, or SM payment center. You can also do it over the counter, at Dragonpay's partner banks."

Yay! That's awesome! Before, they only used Paypal platform for payments which has additional fees. Now, you have a lot of options to send your payment. As for me, I use Dragonpay because I can do it online and lesser fees.

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